Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Wish List of Things I want to Build

I think ever woodworker I know has a wish list of things that they really want to build in their hobby or career, I know I have several, and I thought I would share them with all three of my loyal readers. One of the first must builds on my list that I want to build is a mountain dulcimer. I have wanted to build one for my wife for a long time.  I think one of the reason that I still haven't build one is I think I could easily catch the bug and want to just on keep making them, not that would be a bad thing. I know its not a huge job or for that matter a tough build, but it still be a challenge to make the instrument. The sound of the instrument is one of the things that draws me to it. I have always loved dulcimer music and would love to learn to play one.

The second is a much larger project and it is a Teardrop Camper. I love these things they are like a piece of furniture on wheels or a land boat. I want one that is build out of wood, no plastic, or metal like the ones you can buy. I am always on the look out for a trailer to start this project and when I find one I know I will put ever thing else on the back burner and dive in head first.

The third project is more in line with what most would expect from a woodworker. I would love to build a piece of furniture from every period like a Chippendale High Boy and a Queen Anne Secretary, Pennsylvania Dutch Chest, and a Windsor Chair. these are just a few. I know all these would really expanded my skills as a woodworker. When I think about these project right now I feel I don't have the skill to accomplishment them but I know if I started one of them I would accomplish my goals one step at a time.

The last on my list is a cedar stripped canoe, I have already build a couple of kayaks out of plywood, but never a stripper. They are so wonderful to look at that it all most seems a shame to but them in the water. I know one guy who owns a stripper canoe that he bought and he says that he can't go any where in the canoe without people stopping him to talk to him about it, the same with the people I know that own teardrops.

This is my wish list, what is yours? drop me a line in the comments and share your list, I would really love to know what other people want to build not just what their are building.


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