Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Plane Obsession

A few months ago I decide to add a few planes to my tool box. so I started looking around at yard sales and the flea market. I even mentioned to some family members that if they saw any metal planes at any yard sales they should pick them up for me, just don't pay a lot of money on them. I figured if they did buy something I couldn't use I could still save some parts from the plane. well after two months I added 15 planes to the 3 I already owned. I bought a Stanly #6 at a flea market for $20 and a #3 for $14 both in good shape. but the best deal my Son in law and daughter picked up at a yard sale was a box that had 10 planes in it for $40. In this box was a Lee Nielson block plane and a nice Stanly #51/4 and a Fowler #5 that was in pretty bad shape. and some other assorted block planes including an older Stanly block plane. I sharpened and cleaned most of the planes now. and have picked my favorites or at lease the ones I plan on keeping. the others I plan on past on to my grandsons .I thought about keeping the Lee Nielson block plane but to be honest I like my old Stanly better, I think it's just I have had it for 20 years and its like an old friend, but not to worry I plan on gifting the Lee to my father in law for his retirement gift along with a nice #4 smoother and a few hand saw that I have redone . now if could just find me a nice scraper plane at a yard sale?


Shannon said...


I like the collection. I have picked up a few treasures at some flea markets in the past few years. I have restored some and haven't gotten around to a few others. I admit that my shiny new LN and Veritas planes has kept me from that task. But these new ones don't have the same appeal as the beat up planes.

Cesar, from Brazil said...

Wow, what a collection! I'm starting to get obsessed myself with planes; I hope that soon I might amass a collection as impressive as yours. Congratulations!