Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finshed Scraper Plane

Scrap maple Curve in the front block Layout before the glue up

Glued and rough shaped with the wedge and scraper

It makes fine shavings. Water damage on some Walnut burl veneer just perfect for this scraper

Few passes and it's all cleaned up, and @ $63 for 4 sq ft you don't want to sand or plane through it.

Scraper plane all finished shaped and sanded and ready for use

I just put the first coat of an oil finish on it, and it looks great. it make fine shaving with very little effort. I think I will make another one maybe a cove scraper I really hate scraping cove rail.

Peace Everyone


Allison said...

Wow, That is absolutely amazing, I have sooo much to learn yet. Thanks for sharing this. I truly enjoyed.
A.K.A. Moon-Writer
or woodalley

mack said...

Very cool build! What did you use for your scraper material, and why did you choose the particular angle you did for the iron? Thanks for stimulating me - I'm going to do one of these, too!

Joey said...

I just used an old card scraper I had, But I plan on cutting a scraper out of a old saw I use to make scrapers, because is a little thicker.
I used a 45 because that is what the plan in the article called for, I think a steeper angle would work just as well maybe better and when I build my cove scraper I think I will play with the angle before finale assembly.