Friday, May 15, 2009

Flute Construction

This is a drawing of the lay out for the holes that need to be drilled. Pick the key that you would like your flute to play and follow that lay out. I drill my holes before I glue the two sections together, but I drill them under size then I enlarged the holes until I get the flute tuned.

One of the best resource I found online is a yahoo group called Native American Flute Woodworking

The craftsmen and women in this group have gotten flute construction down to a science. There is a wealth of information on the site that would take a forever for me to get across on my blog, so if you are serious about making a flute give this group a try, they are a bunch of friendly helpful guys that loves all things flutes.

My next post will have the finished flute with more construction details, and if I can swing it a recording of the flute.

Sorry about taking so long I have had both computer and camera troubles, but I have everything almost back to normal.

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Moon-Writer said...

go check out your suggestion. I want to make one of these so bad I can taste it!