Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Table Saw

I got a new saw last month and have finally gotten a chance to do some work with it. so look for a complete review in a week or two of this Ridgit 10" portable bench top table saw. I can tell you so far I have been quite pleased with it!

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Paul said...

Your new table saw is not bad if you are a contractor. I've an ancient contractor's saw myself. I never really liked mine very much until I made a new fence, wings, and an outfeed table for it. Now that I can safely and accurately rip full sheet goods on it I can say that I like it very much.

Here is a picture of the old girl with a wing down (I made one foldaway in order to get around it), and a PC on the out feed table.

It all does make my saw rather stationary though.